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I'm James Hamlin an IT consultant with 17 year's of programming and management experience. Please contact me via linkedin.


V.21 textphones and instant messaging clients; SIP/RFC4103 Real-time text clients and V.21 textphones; websites and SMS; websites and Real-time text; websites and hearing checks; and specific web CMSs and backend CRMs are all technologies I've made to work together.

Technologies that were never designed to work together sometimes need to be made to do so; often this is because a legacy technology needs to work for a time with its successor. These cases require innovative solutions and difficult decisions as there's little in the way of existing guidance about how to go forward

  • I modified a textphone written in C++ for the Nokia 9210 to accept incoming calls. This software used circuit switched data to enable deaf people to make calls to and from land-line based textphones and voice phones via the national voice to text relay service, TextRelay ( Due to restrictions in the telephony APIs in later Nokia communicators and other Symbian based devices RNID's next mobile textphone (TalkByText mobile edition) was developed using Java (J2ME).
  • I developed and deployed a web based hearing check using Flash, Javascript, PHP and MySQL, adapting from the specification for an existing telephone hearing check. The basic architecture and choice of Flash was based on discussions with the director of Technology and I selected the hosting service based on predicted load. User testing and statistical validation was done with the oversight of the University of Southampton. I also managed systems for data collection from the telephone and web hearing checks and assisted with the development of hearing checks for the iPhone and for Facebook.

Cloud Computing

The traditional hardware based containers of processing and storage have been replaced by abstractions; machines containing processors and disks are now virtual machines representing a share of a processor and blocks of storage spread across multiple real disks.

Higher level abstractions where code is deposited for execution on predefined events are becoming more common. Yet the traditional skills of the IT professional are no less important. An Amazon EC2 linux instance replaces a physical machine but programming skills remain the same and knowledge of filesystems and block storage devices perhaps becomes more important.

I have extensive experience of using: AWS (Amazon Web Computing) for data storage (S3), virtual machines (EC2) and Simple Email Service (SES); Rackspace cloud sites; and Rackspace cloud hosts.

Project Management

Through roles as team leader and project manager I have an understanding of the management projects of all kinds, including the PRINCE 2 methodology.

I was project manager for one of the participants of REACH112, a project to improve access to emergency services for disabled people. As part of an 8.8m EURO project running pilot systems across 5 countries the work was largely divided between co-ordinating activities between many partner organisations and providing the necessary documentation for the EU funding mechanism. There was also a significant technical aspect, requiring detailed knowledge of SIP signalling.

Technical Standards

Behind network or shared technology are standards: agreements – some enforced, most implemented by mutual consent – that ensure that devices and software interoperate correctly. The process of establishing these standards is a long and detailed one.

Through my work on the REACH112 project I contributed heavily to authoring and editing Platform Specification which was intended not only as a specification for the project but as a standard for SIP relay services generally.

Through my work with Purple communications, a leading provider of video relay services, I contribute to the SIP Forum VRS working group. I'm listed as a contributor to VRS U.S. Providers SIP Profile which is a profile for the use of SIP by US video relay service providers.


I'm generally involved with websites as part of other work or because I have familiarity with a CRM system with which a site needs to work. However I have worked on individual sites as a whole such as Visit Theatres.